The company provides development and servicing of field production project sites and oil and gas processing and transportation at the field.


Has well-developed infrastructure located at the industrial area in Aksay city.

Has a technically equipped storage and supply facilities at the Karachaganak field

Improves the management system in accordance with the international standards

Has a lot of experience in providing production and services at the field.

The company has 21 licenses and signed 23 long-term contracts with KPO b.v.

Follows the accident prevention policy and provides safe working conditions

Provides continuously training sessions and employee training and education

Over 39 million LTI free man-hours

Creates a sustainable model of financial development of the company

Provides the continued investment in the production and intelligent potential development of the society

Provides constant upgrading of the company strategy and implements the latest technologies and best practices

Delivers timely and quality services



Construction activities, maintenance, pipeline repair, design and estimate works, diagnostics operation and non-destructive test.
Goods and material
Methanol, acid hydrochloric, sulfuric acid, liquid nitrogen, chemicals equipment and oil and gas tubes supply, storage package and transportation.
Transport services, EC&I services, field infrastructure maintenance and telecommunication services.
Leasing and related services
Office, buildings, territories, roads, engineering networks services.

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